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Have you ever slept on a mattress that dipped in the middle? I have. It resulted in being ridiculously warm and us waking up squashed together in the middle of the bed. Not fun, my friends, not fun, especially if you’re like me and can’t stand being too hot in bed. I also found that I had started to get back pains and generally I wasn’t sleeping well at all. That all changed when the Simba Hybrid Mattress entered my life.

The Simba Hybrid Mattress has a unique combination of 2,500 comical pocket sprints and memory foam meaning that it mounds perfectly to your body shape and a hypoallergenic air flow sleep surface which helps with temperature control, so you know that you’re going to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. It also means that because of Simba’s zone based and unique patented springs, the mattress responds to each individual sleeper, so you and whoever you share the bed with won’t affect the other. Win.

Not only that, Simba offers a 100 night trial. They understand that everybody is different and a change in mattress may take some getting used to and so, if Simba turns out not to be for you, you can return it and get your money back. They then donate these mattresses to charity! If you do love your Simba mattress (like we do!) then it comes with a 10 year guarantee. I love it when a company stands by their product.

Since receiving our new mattress, my back pain has gone and I remember once again what it’s like to sleep in a comfortable bed. It is the perfect amount of softness and I honestly hate getting off it in a morning! Set up was super easy, take it out of the box, unroll and wait for it to plump up. Done.

Alfie was also fortunate enough to receive his very own cot mattress! I think this little face says it all. The mattress provides support to growing little ones and comes with a breathable, washable cover meaning easy cleaning and great air flow, preventing overheating, which is so important!

We love our Simba mattresses. They have improved our sleep drastically which is amazing for us as tired parents. If you’d like to give one a go, you can get £75 off by clicking here!